Hebron Harvest Fair

2017 Fair Dedication

The 2017 Hebron Harvest Fair is dedicated to:

Ramon “Ray” Campbell

Ray decided that he would answer his calling to become a member of the Hebron Lion’s Club in October of 1972.  From the very beginning he proved to be a consummate member of the Club and living up to the Lion’s motto, “We Serve”.  He reminded many members of why a person becomes a Lion, and continued to show all that kindness matters both locally and globally.

He was very active within the organization.  Ray had attended numerous State and International conventions serving as the Club liaison and provided details of what he had learned. He also was considered the heart and conscience of our Club.  With a smile on his face and love in his heart he always reminded members of the reason for our existence, which was to give back to our community.  He reminded us that “the money we received from the public must be returned to the public.”

It was to no surprise of the members of the Hebron Lions Club of how quickly Ray traveled through the officer ranks with his charisma and demeanor.  He quickly rose to the occasion and was inducted as the club President in 1979 and served until 1980. Ray then continued to serve as the Club’s Historian for most of his active time as a Lion.

Ray also received several accolades while serving within the Hebron Lions Club.  He was named “Lion of the Year” in 1978, “Knight of the Blind” in 1996, “Ambassador of Sight” in 2007, awarded “Life Membership” in 2001 and received the ultimate award a Lion Member can receive which was being presented with the Melvin Jones Fellow in 1990.


Ramon “Ray” Campbell, is a member that is greatly missed and is not forgotten.  So, this year it is our honor to dedicate the 2017 Hebron Harvest Fair to our missed member Ray.