An annual event since 1971, The Hebron Harvest Fair has grown to become one of the largest agricultural fairs in Connecticut



Animal Barns

Come see our animal barns at the Hebron Harvest Fair with cows, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits and more!

Beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, llamas, poultry, rabbits, sheep, and swine – we have it all.  Check out all four of our livestock barns.  The Hebron Harvest Fair takes pride in the variety of exhibits and showmanship displayed throughout the barns.

Animal Shows & Competitions

Sheep Contest.jpg
  • Goat Obstacle Course

  • Showman and Breed Judging

  • Showmanship, Market Steers, Breeding Stock

  • Jr. Beef Cattle Showmanship, Market Steers, Breeding Stock

  • Goat Fitting and Showmanship (Class A, B, C, & D)

  • Breed and Market Judging

  • Jr. Dairy Show, Dairy Barn

  • Sheep Obstacle Course

  • Premier Showmanship


Agricultural Education Tent

With demonstrations and exhibits throughout the day, come learn about agriculture, farming and animal care. Bring the whole family. Both children and adults are welcome.