Hebron Harvest Fair

Family Edutainment

There’s a cornucopia of fun at the Hebron Harvest Fair with lots of free activities for kids and families. Located near the Farm Display Building. Visit the animals in the Two by Two petting zoo. Watch high-flying fun with Dock Dogs. Explore Old McDonalds Farm Tent and more!

Located near Farm Display Building. Click here for daily schedules.

All Weekend

Two by Two Zoo — All Day But See Daily Schedule for Special Event Times

Back by popular demand, Two by Two zoo let’s fair goers see exotic animals not normally seen as the fair but still offers the farm animal favorites to pet and feed.  Don’t miss your children’s smiles while they watch the goats jump and play.

Dock Dogs — See Daily Schedule for Times

Dock Dogs
Enjoy the High Flying Fun of Dock Dogs! The Pool will be open for practice all throughout the fair, so even when there is no competition there will be dogs jumping in the pool!

Old McDonalds Farm Tent — All Day

Chicken Hatchery

  • Milk Maker Activity Station
  • Farmer for a Day Activity Station
  • Farm Equipment Display — Unique pieces of equipment from our collection
  • Chick Hatchery
  • Baby Animals

Displays — All Day

Ed Hodge - Displays

  • Ed Hodge Agricultural Museum
  • Farm Equipment

Entertainment and Games — See Daily Schedule for Times

  • Pie Eating Competition
  • Watermelon Eating Competition
  • Balloon Blowing Competition
  • Bubble Blowing Competition

Kids Pedal Tractor Pull — See Daily Schedule for Times

Kids Tractor Pull
Standard tractor with two drive wheels will be supplied. Tractor is hitched to a special weight transfer sled. Sled has a weight box to which weights are added as needed. Competition by ages 3 thru 10 years. Boys and Girls pull against each other by age. Distance each contestant pulls the weight sled is measured and recorded.

Frog Jumping Competition — See Daily Schedule for Times

Frogs and toads of all sizes along with kids of all ages can competed in the annual Frog Jumping Competition at the Hebron Harvest Fair.  Kids coax their assigned frog to the finish line in an exciting race.  Join the fun or just cheer on your favorite frog.

Annual Diaper Dash — See Daily Schedule for Times


Join us for the annual Diaper Dash!  You can find the rules and how to enter below:

Download PDF Files Diaper Dash Rules